A new habit each month of 2021

12 habits in One Year

In December 2020, I had the idea to stream on Twitch.tv for one month straight. I thought this me feel more productive to continue self-growth and see projects that I’ve been meaning to complete for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do the full 31 days of back to back streaming. I’ve kind of stopped streaming for now, due to being distracted by some of the issues that sstemmed from the projects I worked on on-stream as well as my main desktop having some hardware failure as of late.

The ~17 days that I streamed straight definitely allowed me to continue one habit what I wanted to learn for Janurary 2021, which was to get a GitHub commit once per month on my GitHub profile. Since I primarly streamed in the Science & Technology category, I was doing a bunch of programming and DevOps work centered around the noobshack infrastructure (see the noobshack devlogs)!

This birthed the idea for me to continue this attempt going forward into 2021.

Skills and Habits by Month

December 2020

Timeframe: Dec. 28th to Jan. 12th (was experimental at this point)

Goal: Streaming on Twitch.tv

Consecutive days of progress: 17/31

I fell off part way since I was mostly working on maintaining my existing infrastruture, in addition to a PC failire later in the month.

January 2021

Goal: Making a technical contribution

Consecutive days of progress: 29/30

I missed commiting on Jan. 23rd since, I was spending most of my time with a close friend and we went on a 13 mile walk. When I got back home I was too tired to even think about programming hah.

Otherwise mostly been contributing to the noobshack gameserver infrastructure and clairvoyance.

Febuary 2021

Goal: Go Vegetarian for a month and record recipies created during this period of time.

I think I’ll make a seperate post regarding this trial and well as write a recipie list of what I end up making during the month.

Idea List

For future months I’ll likely do some of the following: