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“I didn’t realize how non-diverse the room was, with you sitting there in the room” - Laura

The Sims? More diverse hairstyle, color and assets.

Battle Something to tell the tuskeegee airmen story and mold characters to relive the time provided to them in an interview.

There are several journies of black excellence:

all of you navigate “white spaces” how to does it manifest to be the only representation of black excellence in the room, how does the affect you?

stand firm to thing that believe and what they mean

introduce a black character into Shadowrun!!!

being in the room and representing that, should be taken with high regards, though it’s much better to have a group to have a backchannel discussion

COVID changed the game, there is body language

we got ppl to inspire and impact, if your co-worker is an enemy what are you doing???

geniune love for collective wins, keeping that is a group

learn, fail, love together, but perservere

look at the landscape and how the business works budget = marketing, influence, advertising learn everything about how the process works,

oh you wanna change, they are gonna see you else where. - hip hop gamer

dont give up on the gaming industry, there will be another production

got contacts to clue you in an dfill out additional information business + money (no industry gonna escape having bad characers due to corruption and gree)

try to be surrounded ppl like you

battling through a corp there are manythings to go on

resilliancsy being importang.

“what is fit” I don’t fit so I am dissapointed, etc

didnt get job at activation after 4 months due to culture “fit”, it was not the job for him secret blessing

don’t lie, backstab, too good for the role? lots of eprspectives

recognize excellece, but what you need to do next? get someone in position, be an ally and support them to be the best they can and they can show their excellent through making sure you wanna help them be sucessful!

recongintion > assessment > acknowledgement > advocate!!! recongnition > action

where we need allies the most is when tension aries, advocate for the black person, not saying anythig is jsut as bad as saying sommething bad

that situation was not appropriate and

that could be the difference vetween keeping them in the stuiom or making them not a fit so that would have the adverse effec of losing someone in the

has to be insightful and may identify blind sponts in some of the things that you have had

being able to dive into the background and character of ppl to show them who should be brought forth and celeveaated within the community

difficult, yes I know but ti’s rewarding - redirect a misinteprtetaion of a person (as an ally) can change that from negative to good, the rewards of doing something good is very overwhelming

dont be an ally when it’s convienent, this can be a difficult thing to commit to

sometimes you gotta be excellent by yourself first, before you can be excellece as a collective" -hhg

bring up the problems action items as they get brought up and make sure to take it back to the relevant parties

what games show black excellence

gaming and guidances platform

real examples miles morales god of war (chris judge) stargate karmas’s world (luda’s animated series) ada twist the scientist

battlefield 5 (tuskeegee mention earlier)

Denzel Washington as a icon of black excellence on steroids. In his craft and speeches, thinking about esotaric things of the community, in the oscards, has a relevant and inspiring topics.

key piece of wisdom that helped you in career HHG: grandma taught to you about life via fideo games, have objects accomplishes challenges made a good parallel to gaming/life - learn love and what it’s about not only you will go far but you cna change the world

jake: not so much an explisit set of advice, father through action and observaitions epotiomized a lot of this he as aspired to (father, military, county and indepenedeny businessman) - early 50’s 60’s to a japanese woman, the strugger was real was not universally accepted - pesonalty that was strong but friendly. had such a big network of ppl, knew someone who knew someone

working for bonnie ross Microsoft, she had started Women In Gaming

yeah lack of ppl in the black malue community, “so what are you gonna do about it”, take action URM = under represented minotrity

“what you gonna do” - the advice you are seeking is what you already have

laura: dont have to be alone, struggle alone try to create/make all of it alone

find your ppl, one person might not wanna do it, find the next person - create a support system around you to be a network that you can gotoo

advice for the crowd:

protect your passion, if you don’t love it you will be hustled out of it… make sure they love an respect what you bring to the table.

don’t get outhustled by someone who doesnt care about you. dont get sidetracked by all the noise

protect ya neck, protect ya passion

the game industy is a small industry, ppl come back to GDC year over year so the networks can be super powerful

keep a voracious appitite for learning, industry is quickly moving gonna be faster for changes. understanding yourself - took a course in a personaltiy - figured out that he was an introvert etc and how to workflow the based on role

not good for a manager, but empathetic (in tune with sensabilties) always being watched due to the managerieral rule. everyone is different there are diff strats and ways to talk to different personalities…

okay to admit when you are wrong, 1845 -> 1945

not just reactionary, where an tragedy happens “oh lets help these ppl it will make us look good”

come at with a standpoint of a partnership within the investment, 3-5 years now its a daily repreentaiton

the reactioanry stuff should be minimal and build a relationship with funding some long term contracct.

not doign it alone, it’s not at racist if you dont pay attention - crowd remark about

acedemia in gaming, how can they improve


codeswitching with trust hoow much trust do you have before it gets break need to know the company

SONY for example how to appeal to difference sub-cultures and audience (connect if needed) codeswitching with knowing culture, don’t get the confused.

when in rome, do as the romans do (similar philosphy

how do you get the money or exp:

get your credit + businesse sense right and be in the position to have the governement invest in your train from there you can

get something to offer, portfolio for artist

truth and blood, JME and Zdot on the

apparently, this is very common at the engineering level - we will represent the culture at the leadership level.