Game Developers Conference 2022 personal notes


Game Developers Conference is a a yearly conference about leading trends and development in the video gaming industry. Which was hostedin San Francisco’s charming convention center, the Moscone Center. As of 2022 it’s back in it’s physical form and will be hosted in SF proper instead of an all-digital event this year. During the week of GDC it’s a great opportunity for gaming enthusiasts, aspiring game developers or industry veterans in the Video Game industry to connect, network, learn, showcase and celebrate gaming and the culture that manifests from it.

For the run-down of what Game Developers Conference covers, you can refer to the conference overview on their main page. GDC 2022 Conference Overview

Honeycomb has been present at the conference for the past two years and we have presented a couple talks about how Honeycomb can improve the experience in gaming for users, developers and operators. This years talk focusing on how to improve player and customer happiness, given by Charity Majors.

Honeycomb’s booth was minimalistic and charming, we had a booth with product slides explaining and introudcing returing and new customers to Honeycomb, the product, as well as how observability can provide insights into a gaming infrastructure or development workflow. We had solution architects, sales representitives as well as key people such as the CTO, Head of the Gaming vertical, and Director of Field Events + Community all present at times throughout the GDC expo.

In the past we have also given a talk on Insight in to instrumentation for dedicated game servers, which was presented by Liz-Fong Jones, Kent Quick and Michael Simo during the online virtual manifestation GDC in 2021.

If you want to find more information about Honeycomb’s previous presentations, you can review the recorded presentation or slides provided below.

When figuring out what sessions resonated with me, and which ones I wanted to attend I had a few things wandering around in my mind:

Some questions I ended up adding after seeing the expo floor:

What I was suprised by:

What I wanted to do

Before attending the event, I reviewed the schedule and knew there were a few different things I wanted to do at this event alongside networking:

What I got to do

I pretty much got to do most everything that I had thought of checking out when putting my list together on Mon/Tuesday of talks/places to visit.





Independent Games Festival + Gamer’s Choice Awards

This was one of the events I was most excited for, I’ve been personally following the awards for about a decade, so it was amazing to have the chance to be part of the physical audience this time.

The crowd was hyped and a bunch of brand new, indie and student games were revealed over the course of the ceremony. One of the games stood much much more than the others, winning awards in Execellence in Audio, Excellence in Design, Excellence in Narritive as well as the IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize!

Inscrpytion, which plays like a mysterious, horror, escape room adventure with a deckbuilding aspect where you corral forest critters and adventure on a journey to find more about the mysterious Leshy’s cabin.



Personal Networking Highlights

out of the plethora of networking opportunites I had, the following stuck out to me:

Unity Talked with several engineers at Unity about the future of MLAPI, 2D features, a new data-driven relationship system they are working on called DOTS as well

Apex Hosting / A very nostalgic chat bringing me back to my 15 year old self hosting dedicated game and voice servers for gaming communities that my friends were involved in. I was able to chat with the three different server providers about their own reasons on how they got into technology (often through gaming like myself), chat with how they go about creating images/containers for each indivual game, chatting about infrastructure differences between how I currently host games as well as them. I went back and forth to these guys over the days as I resonated with them a whole ton and had some good conversations there.

“Without gaming, I wouldn’t be working in the technology field.” - a quote of mine that I mentioned to honeycombers, but especially is very relevant here since this is the full circle experience for me. My first foray into systems administration and server administration was through managing Counter-Strike 1.6 and then later Counter-Strike: Source servers alongside Ventilo starting around ~2004-2005

Limited Run

Conference Attendees

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I attended the conference thanks to fantanstic hard working people at!