Habit (Feb. 2021) - Vegetarian



I went Vegetarian for the first time in a looooong time. I believe last time I tried was when I was a teenager at least 15 years ago.

Goal: Go Vegetarian for a month and record recipe created during this period of time. *Consecutive days of progress: 28/28


A very close friend of mine is a vegetarian, so I wanted to be able to cook for them. In addition to adding more healthy varieties of food into my cooking repotoire alongside making veg-friendly varients of my go-to recipies.



I took a bunch of photos of most of the meals I made in Feb. I’ll list all of the food items I’ve cooked in the month.

Reflecting after the months end

I was able to cook veg-friendly alternatives everyday of Feburary!

I now regularly eat Halloumi alongside Arugula in my diet now - they are sooo tasty!!!