Habit (Jan. 2021) - Technical contributions

Technical Contributions


Goal: Making a technical contributions everyday. *Consecutive days of progress: 29/30

I missed committing on Jan. 23rd since, I was spending most of my time with a close friend and we went on a 13 mile walk. When I got back home I was too tired to even think about programming hah.

Otherwise mostly been contributing to the noobshack gameserver infrastructure and clairvoyance.


Since I’ve been taking a break from professional work since Oct. 2020. I wanted to keep my tech skills sharp and get back into the cadence of committing something everyday.

Reflecting after the months end

This was super awesome to do!

I did the majority of my contribs on my Linux Desktop (rip, it broke early Feb). So since then I haven’t really kept up the streak that I would have. Though this simple exexercise really showed me how much a single person can create/develop in a single month if you put your mind to it! Definitely my most productive months since last Oct.