Habit (March 2021) - Side Project continuation

Side Projects

I have a few ongoing side projects, and I wanted to get one into an official released state.


Goal: Work on a side-project and release it “officially”. *Consecutive days of progress: ?/31


It’s easy start something, but delivering it in a way that provides impact and is in a pubically usable state is a different thing.

I’ve started so many projects without completing them, so I want to be able to either release an existing side-project that I’ve been working on or create a new one with a small scope to be released this month.

List of Potential Projects to release

Reflecting after the months end

I personally had a bunch of things keeping me from actually shipping a project this month. This included a move (during COVID, uggggh) as well as finding a new technical role after taking a break for myself the past few months.