HashiConf 2018 Notes


For the general gist of the major announcements you can refer to the HashiConf 2018 product announcment.


Terraform Version 0.12.0

Updates announced during the presentations and delving into Terraform 0.12.0.

Dynamic Blocks

So…. dynamic blocks are a thing. For a resource you are going to configure several of, like tags or subnets you can specify the contents of what is being specified in the block and then interate on top of that to create multiple blocks of that type.

dynamic "tag" {
  for each local.standard_tags

	content {

What’s the upgrade process?

Providers it’s just a matter of recompiling the provider with the a new version of the terraform binary. A terraform upgrade tool will be released to the general public which will assist with converting HCL to HCL2.

Future additions

Companies I spoke with


Talked with lkysow, mechastorm and mendel, we discussed the future direction of Atlantis and found out that the direction is currently unclear, nothing concrete at the moment since the deal happened 3 weeks before the convention.


PagerDuty ops team does some cool stuff with Atlantis like manages the creation of the Atlantis webhook via Terraform. So each time they create a new terraform repo, they add a PR to their Atlantis repo that creates the required resources and then redeploys Atlantis with the new configuration. Their developers developers are slowly starting to learn and love what Atlantis is/does.


Samsung is requesting more in-depth server side configuration (moving some of the functionality of atlantis.yaml there).




Just chatted they are working on setting up Terraform by importing all of their legacy systems into a Infrastruture as Code spec.


Walmart Labs

Mostly me just checking in on them, I have several connections in the OpenStack world who work at Walmart and I chatted with the representative about the state of OpenStack and some of our mutual colleagues.


Talked about potentially setting up a nomad cluster using their free credits out of curiosity. They were unsure if you can virtualize on top of their virtualization layer. However they are running KVM so it’s totally possible. This vendor seems very similar to Digital Ocean, selling fixed size virtual machines for very cheap. I don’t see any practical use for them.

Google Cloud Platform

Asked to see how far along getting the remaining stackdriver and AppEngine features present on GCP into their Terraform provider. There was no direct ETA as she could not speak to them, but suggested to open an issue or bump an existing issue. Additionally, spoke with Emily Ye and learned about autogeneration and management of GCP Service Accounts and OAuth tokens that can be created via Vault. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEPuFFZdmfA


Reach out to DataDog support rep and include the Solutions Engineer name for the following:

HashiCorp Booths

Each booth told me it’s highly unlikely Sentinel will be separated from the enterprise version of that specific product. For example Vault and Terraform implementations of Sentinel both work very differently. Sentinel is available in the ‘Premium’ tier of Terraform Enterprise which is the most expensive. HashiCorp strives to ease “workflows as a process” not a prescriptive technology that users are forced to use.

??Future Projects??

Misc quotes, thoughts or links

Also a great thing to hear about their partnership with potentially ‘competitors’ to a portion of tooling, they have seen the waves Kubernetes to the container orchestration world and have decided to support it across all of their tooling:

Attended Talks


A Fully Containerized Platform Based on Infrastructure as Code

Rick Rackow, eBay

How Terraform Will Impact the 2018 US Elections

Nicholas Klick, ActBlue and Dan Catlin, ActBlue Technical Services

Day Two Kubernetes: Tools for Operability

Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft and Zachary Deptawa, Microsoft

Creating a Terraform Provider for Just About Anything

Eddie Zaneski, DigitalOcean

Ansible and HashiCorp: Better Together

Dylan Silva, Red Hat

A Tour of Terraform 0.12

Kristin Laemmert, HashiCorp

Winning with Terraform Enterprise - How Ellie Mae Delivers “Everything as Code” Using Terraform Enterprise

10 Lessons Learned From Writing Over 300,000 Lines of Infrastructure Code Yevgeniy Brikman, Gruntwork

The Magic of Friendship: The Google Provider’s New Approach to Terraform

Dana Hoffman, Google and Paddy Carver, HashiCorp Closing Keynote