the joys of building a desktop (pt. 3)


I finally was able to switch out a few different parts and try different combinations with the existing hardware I had.

I gutted out my old PC case and switched everything to that machine minus the PSU and CPU fan, and lo and behold everything started working once more… I determined that I had incorrectly wired my PSU… I had a PCIe cable connected to the CPU power connection and vice versa… I’m pretty sure all of my problems could of been easily avoided if I was more patient and double checked everything…

I’m pretty sure I may have just had some loose connections or something when I switched to the new motherboard, but it’s all working now and I finally have a Windows PC that I can use once again for gaming.

I’m in the midst of seeing if I need to RMA any parts and then will try to make a secondary Linux and development system as well as Dual-booting Linux on my Gaming rig…

Since one PC is working I double downed and purchased another processor… So my goal now is to get two builds for working one with my 1080Ti GPU (Gaming) and the one for Development (no GPU needed, and using an i5 instead of an i9).


whatever, no more!