the joys of building a desktop

oh dear…

So sometime mid Janurary my desktop of ~4 years failed, I had a Windows SSD which I used for gaming and testing a bunch of the noobshack gameservers.

In addition to another SSD which I had installed various distro’s of Linux on for ease of development for the above servers, in addition to that it served as my OS which I would stream to from.

I was super excited to build yet another PC, so I splurged ~$k on getting a top of the line CPU and decent RAM which could be combined with the old RAM from my prior build.

I’ve been taking apart and building PC’s since ~2007, and I’ve never really had a PC fail on me so the fact that this computer didn’t turn on or even BIOS beep though the FPanel LED’s are online makes me really really sad. I’ll likely be doing more debugging to see which component failed, and see if I want to salvage the build or RMA whichever part I find faulty.

It’s probably been too long since I practiced proper anti-static precautions so very likely I could of fudged somehthing up during the build. This makes me sad…

However, I still have a MacBook so I guess I’ll just do more dev work and less gaming… which is probably a good thing for me in the long run…

oh dear. I do miss Linux though. Q_Q.