ZED SDK 3.1 with Unreal Engine v4.28 on Windows 10

ZED SDK 3.1 with Unreal Engine

Development Setup

This assumes no existing development environment exists and was written after while performing these steps of a new install of Windows 10.


Downloading and building Unreal Engine from Source

Clone reulan fork of UnrealEngine built for ZED from GitHub. I used GitHub for Windows since I am running Windows 10.

If you use another operating system feel free to check out source repositories:

Creating a new Unreal Engine Project

After compiling finishes, you can load the editor from Visual Studio by setting your startup project to UE4 and pressing Ctrl+F5 to debug. Save the project as AutomateThis.

Configure ZED Camera for Windows 10

This requires 10.2 of the CUDA Developer toolkit installed.

Import ZED SDK into Unreal

Clone ZED SDK for Unreal Engine version 4.21

The ZED SDK version used is 3.1 and the Unreal Engine this project was build with was 4.21.

UE4.21_ZedSdk3.1 - (3.0 is currently being used, get HYPE for 3.2 for body tracking)

Move the Studiolabs directory into a Plugins dir. Move the Plugins dir into your Unreal project. In your project root directory right click on the AutomateThis.uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio project files (CTRL + F5) in the context menu.

Configure ZED in Unreal Engine

In the menu select Goto Edit -> Project Settings:

Maps & Mode

GameMode:                           BP_ZED_GameMode
Game Instance Class:                ZEDGameInstance

General Settings

Game Viewport Client Class:         ZEDGameViewportClient
LocalPlayerClass:                   ZEDLocalPlayer
Near Clip Plane:                    1.0

Modify the Config folder so that it’s optimized for the in ZED2. /path/to/ProjectName/Config/AutomateThis.ini

Unreal Engine