noobshack patch notes | January 2021 | Sprint 1


I started streaming on and I’ve been working my way towards Affiliate! It’s been a ton of fun interacting with the community and I’ve met some developers who have some amazing projects and also some young programming prodigies which I find super inspiring!


I’ve finally solved the problem of pubically listing a Source Dedicated Gameserver from within Kubernetes without use of a NodePort or Ingress! This was huge boost for me as it unblocked all of the discoverability problems I was having for, CS:GO, RUST (and even extends to MORDHAU).

I went totally overboard on RUST the past two weeks and in addition made awesome upgrades to old gameservers:

Leaderboards are now online! For the first RUST server (4 days gameplay) we were able to extract interesting results like the following:

Discord! I finally have been adverstising the Discord now that the RUST servers are online, which has been quite a cool way to stay in touch with people within the community.





Cache is being redesigned. Database is being reseached.

I submitted an entry for the HashiCorp Holiday Hackstravaganza which won “Best use of Emoji and ASCII art category” haha. A category exclusive for my work done! I worked more on the Terraform Drift Detection tool, which can be found: reulan/clairvoyance

Roadmap (Jan 2021 - Sprint 2)