noobshack patch notes | November 2020 | Sprint 1


November the month of my birthday! It’s been a stressful month for me to be sure at least personally. A few saddening, but hard decisions had to be made in my personal life. However, I’ve been trying to channel some of my stress/feeling into productivity! As of this month here are the updates:


Minecraft! This month a new public server has been launched. is publically available. If the hostname changes check out gameservers for the official server status of the dedicated game server.

Additionally, this gameserver is having server metadata collected and stored by the noobshack internal API, gaze.


Several updates in order for internet visiblity.

Internal workflow improvements

This is intended more of a technical



Roadmap (Dec 2020)

A few things are planned for December so that I can easily keep deploying new gameservers and services.