noobshack patch notes | November 2020 | Sprint 2

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I’ve been trying to keep busy and get something done in the noobshack realm every day for the past few weeks. Since I am not currently employed, I’ve had some time to lay out my thoughts and write down a good vision on what I’d like to experiement with next.

The first thing I want to address is the gameserver landing page! This will display relevant information for all noobshack gameservers. Polarity

I’m currently thinking about joining the HashiCraft Holidays Hackstravaganza. I have a few ideas that I could “holidayize” whatever that word means. I suppose just making it more in a festive manner.

I’d like to either check out some new functionality of Terraform 0.14 (if in beta) or Waypoint. We’ll see if anything comes up in that regard, if so I’ll post a seperate blog and video for that.

I also really don’t know how I fould the productivity to work on any of the following stuff was done/testing since World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was just recently released! Kyxiee - 60 Restoration Shaman | WoW Armory


The minecraft server has been running for the past 14 days without any issues!

A more robust backup world saving solution should be in place so I can more easily move the server between Kubernetes clusters that I may spin up in the future. No worries though, all the data as of right now is safe!

No additional progress on the gameserver front the past two weeks.


Several updates in order for internet visiblity.

Internal workflow improvements

Heavily adopted for project planning, documentation and this will allow me to collaborate and share project information easily with people I may work with in the future.


Roadmap (Dec. 2020 - Sprint 1)

A few things are planned for December so that I can easily keep deploying new gameservers and services.