noobshack patch notes | September 2020


Additional work has been going on behind the scenes, nothing too public facing here actually the opposite. Servers are pulled offline. :(


MORDHAU server taken offline.

This was previously a single virtual machine and the work has been done to convert this to run on Kubernetes. For the meantime the server will be offline until everything can run with Kubernetes as that is the current tech challenge I would like figure out first before expanding the amount of games available.


Nothing really.

Internal workflow improvements

HTTPS certficates were generated via Let’s Encrypt for This will allow me to eventually integrate HTTPS on the websites!


Decom individual gameserver repositories and move to a single monorepo. I previously had 7 repos for various gameserver deployments and it was challenging for me to manage.

I figured condensing them all into a single monorepo would allow me to see everything at a glance as well as build standardized tooling for the entire repo which fits all games instead of one at a time.


Roadmap (Oct 2020)